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Cleaning solutions for even the biggest of tanks


Get tanks cleaner and return them to service more quickly with the TankJet 360 tank cleaning machine. Ideal for use in tanks up to 30 m (100') in diameter with stubborn residues. 

The TankJet 360 outperforms other fluid driven tank cleaners with more consistent impact over the entire pressure range. High impact cleaning results in shorter cycle times so tanks are returned to service more quickly. The nozzles rotate 360° in horizontal and vertical planes – the crisscrossing pattern thoroughly cleans tanks in an efficent manner.

Featuring no motors – the TankJet 360 is fluid driven with food-grade, oil-lubricated or flow-through gearbox designs. It comes in dual- or triple-nozzle hubs and lightweight and compact – meaning it fits in small tank openings with ease.


  • Superior cleaning and reduced operating costs – cleans with high impact while consuming less liquid
  • Customized to your operation – units are configured based on tank size, residue and level of cleaning required
  • Increased wear life – designed with built-in strainer to minimize clogging
  • No price premium – better performance and a lower price than competitive units