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Minimize The Use of Chemicals With Efficient, Dependable Cleaning


The TankJet 65 tank cleaner features four solid stream nozzles that provide thorough cleaning of tanks up to 12.2 m (40') in diameter.

Solid stream nozzles rotate in multiple axes to provide complete 360° coverage of entire tank every 45 revolutions. The TankJet 65's four-nozzle hub provides tight cleaning pattern and fast cycle times. A high-temperature version made of all stainless steel can withstand temperatures up to 260°C (500°F)  Slow, rotating speed provides excellent dwell time on tank surface. Simple self-cleaning, flow-through design is easy to maintain – no internal reduction gears The TankJet 65 be permanently mounted or moved from tank to tank Lightweight – weighs only 5.3 kg (11.75 lbs).


  • Superior tank cleaning and reduced operating costs – cleans tanks with medium impact while consuming less liquid
  • Easy maintenance – simple design can be easily rebuilt in about 5 minutes. No internal reduction gears
  • “Clean line” design – self-cleaning, flow-through unit made of electro-polished stainless steel and other food grade materials


For high-impact cleaning of tanks up to 10.4 m (34') in diameter, choose the TankJet AA190 tank cleaner. This motorized unit cleans tanks quickly and offers trouble-free performance.  

The TankJet AA190 features high-impact cleaning of medium to large tanks. They perate at pressures up to 1000 psi (69 barg). Multi-axis rotation of solid stream nozzles provides 360° coverage. The TankJet AA190DH provides 180° downward coverage for more concentrated cleaning on bottom of tanks. Powerful tank cleaning performance with high-impact solid stream spray nozzles is achieved by this advanced nozzle.  Rotational speed and cycle times stay relatively constant even when liquid pressures increase. The TankJet AA190cCan be permanently mounted or moved from tank to tank AA190 tank and can be fitted with retraction devices for automatic insertion and retraction.


  • Low liquid consumption reduces cleaning chemical costs
  • Operates at high pressures for higher impact
  • Motor drives nozzle hub instead of fluid
  • Proven performance – used in hundreds of applications in thousands of plants
  • Easy maintenance – fewer internal parts than fluid-driven turbine units means fewer repairs and less clogging


The TankJet 75 offers medium impact cleaning of tanks up to 9.1 m (30') in diameter. Less costly than high impact tank cleaners, this unit provides effective impingement cleaning of small to medium tanks.  

Especially suited for CIP systems – no motor source is needed due to the reactionary force of the cleaning liquid to rotate the spray head Provides more impact than static spray balls Long-life material of construction – corrosion- and chemical-resistant PTFE fluoropolymer resin 27500R nozzles in 1/2" and 3/4" inlet connections are available in carbon-filled PTFE for improved thermal characteristics and higher mechanical strength over standard PTFE Spray angles range from 180° to 360°; can clean certain areas or entire tank interior 27500R has a rotating spray head that can be easily removed from the body for inspection and maintenance To optimize performance of the rotating spray head, use liquid free of debris


  • Long wear life – nozzles are made of corrosion and chemical resistant PTFE to withstand aggressive cleaning liquids
  • Better spray impact – 27500 rotating nozzles provide better spray impact than static spray balls
  • Saves cleaning chemical costs – wide range of spray coverages allows only area of focus to be cleaned minimizing liquid consumption


The TankJet 27500 is a reactionary force tank cleaning nozzle for tanks up to 7.6 m (25') in diameter. Ideal for CIP, this nozzle outperforms spray balls and offers long wear life for your tank cleaning operation. 

Solid stream nozzles rotate in multiple axes to provide complete 360° coverage of entire tank. Fluid driven turbine design indexes the nozzles with each rotation. Slow, rotating speed provides excellent dwell time on tank surface and improves cleaning  The TabkJet 78 is CIPable - Self-flushing design meets 3A Standard 78-01 requirements for Spray Cleaning Devices Intended to Remain in Place Completely threadless - utilizes retainer clips for tool-free maintenance. Available with single hub (2 nozzles) or dual hub (4 nozzles) Lightweight – weighs only 6.8 kg (15 lbs) for single hub version; 8.6 kg (19 lbs) for dual hub version.


  • Superior cleaning with CIP convenience
  • High impact - over 30 times the cleaning power of a fixed spray ball; 10 times the impact of most rotary spray balls
  • Easy maintenance – simple design can be easily rebuilt in minutes without tools


Effective impingement ensures complete coverage and effective tank cleaning of tanks up to 7.2 m (24')

Similar design and appearance to static spray balls except the units rotate to ensure effective coverage of cleaning solution on tank walls. The fluid driven, turbine driven TankJet 14 and 16 units rotate at slow speeds – 3 to 15 rpm – for increased dwell time on tank surface compared to free spinning units. Solid stream pattern provides full coverage and the spray head is easily removed for inspection and maintenance.


  • Better cleaning and more flexibility than static spray balls – CIP or portable installation; choose from a variety of spray coverages
  • TankJet 14 fits easily into a 2” Schedule 40 pipe – for tanks up to 3.6 m (12') in diameter
  • TankJet 16 fits easily into a 3” Schedule 40 pipe – for tanks up to 7.2 m (24') in diameter


The TankJet 12900 offers high-capacity cleaning of tanks up to 6.7 m (22') in diameter. It features a simple design, easy maintenance and dependable operation for a wide range of tank cleaning operations.  

Features 13 FullJet® nozzles to provide high-capacity cleaning. Simple and relaible the TankJet 12900 does not contain any moving parts. It can be specially designed for a wide range of coverages. To rinse deeper tanks, use Model 12900-2 with a 1-1/2" bottom outlet connection for use with a pipe extension and a TankJet 6353 nozzle assembly.


  • Simple, reliable design – nozzles are stationary – no chance for dirt/debris to block rotation and prevent cleaning
  • Versatile – individual nozzles can be changed to plugs to provide specific cleaning coverages
  • Easy maintenance – nozzles can be easily removed and inspected