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Large Flow Passages Eliminate Clogging


  • Full cone or hollow cone spray patterns
  • Open passages ideal for use with fluids with particulates
  • Maximum liquid throughput for a given pipe size
  • Spray angles
    • Full cone: 60⁰ to 170⁰
    • Hollow cone: 50⁰ to 180⁰
  • Connections: 1/4” to 2” (male NPT and BSPT)
  • Flow rate range
    • Full cone: 2.7 to 11,967 l/min
    • Hollow cone: 2.0 to 11,967 l/min
  • Operating pressure range: up to 25 bar
  • Wide choice of materials 
  • Certain nozzles available with UL listing for fire protection applications

Click below or refer to Catalog 75 for more full cone or more hollow cone performance data.

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