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Learn How Spraying Systems Co. Australia Has Helped Processors With Their Operations 

Goodman Fielder

Goodman Fielder are one of the premier food companies in Australia producing a variety of bread products.

Having the right oiling systems not only can to cut down the amount of oil used, but also ensure there is more consistent oil coverage overall.  With the help of Spraying Systems Co®. Australia and a system that worked for their needs, there was a dramatic change in operations and Goodman Fielder hasn’t looked back.

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Southern Cross Ceramics

Southern Cross Ceramics is an Australian specialist tile design and decoration company established in 1987. The aim of the company is to manufacture high quality decorative products to complement the broad range of ceramic tiles already available.

Spraying systems Co. assisted us with finding a successful solution to cleaning our glaze mixing bowls and buckets   

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Australian Vintage

Australian Vintage Limited is one of the leading and largest vineyard owners and managers in Australia. We pride ourselves on producing outstanding and innovative wines for wine lovers worldwide and are at the forefront of the Australian wine industry as we crush approximately 10% of the total annual production. 

In order to maintain the highest quality of wine, we need to ensure our tanks are cleaned efficiently so we have a clean and safe surface to produce our wine products. Spraying Systems Co. Australia have been supplying us with their TankJet® 360 tank cleaners and components since 2015.

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Barossa Fine Foods

Barossa Fine Foods is Australia's most awarded smallgoods maker located in Adelaide. One of the most important applications in our daily operations is humidifying the storage room. 

Spraying Systems Co. supplied us with a group of the MiniFogger® III, which are able to spray small water droplets that aid in supplying a higher humidity level. This process stops potential weight loss through the sides of the meat as it is drying out.

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Davies Bakery

With over 130 years of experience in the industry, the family-owned Davies Bakery is today, one of Australia's largest independent bakeries, supplying large volumes of high-quality fresh and frozen bakery products across the state. 

Spraying Systems Co. supplied us with their AutoJet® Bread Pan Oiling System to our Broadmeadows facility in 2013. Being satisfied with what this has meant for our production line, Davies Bakery has invested in a second AutoJet® System at our Reservoir site, which was installed in 2014.

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Cheetham Salt

Cheetham Salt is Australia's largest supplier of raw and processed salt and has a number of plants throughout the country; one being in Bajool, Queensland. Their process required them to add YPS and Potassium Iodate chemicals precisely into a variety of products. 

Spraying Systems Co. delivered and commissioned their AutoJet® Chemical Addition Spray System in December 2014. The system utilizes electrically actuated PulsaJet® spray nozzles controlled by an AutoJet® Model 2250+ Spray Controller. Based on the salt production rate, the PulsaJet spray guns, using PWM, will spray the required flow rate in order to achieve the desired chemical addition rate.

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Onslow Engineering

I am writing this letter in reference to our high speed mixing machines, in which our customers who purchase our equipment sometimes require an in place cleaning system. We have always supplied this equipment using Spraying Systems. In fact, their products have always suited our application due to the superior quality and advanced technical know-how.

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Harvey Beef

Harvey Beef is Western Australia's largest beef exporting business and supplier to well-known supermarket chains. The process of spray chilling hot carcasses during refrigeration is an important benefit to the abattoir with huge cost savings. Spraying Systems Co. delivered and commissioned their AutoJet® Carcass Chilling Spray System in February 2012. Spray chilling uses sprays of cold water to offset the evaporative loss of carcass chilling. Sprayed cold water has an immediate cooling effect, this water is then evaporated from the carcass and moisture is not drawn from deeper in the tissue. Timing of sprays and the amount of water sprayed is key to achieving shrinkage as close to zero as possible. 

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Chocolate Grove 

Chocolate Grove, as a quality producer of a great variety of specialty chocolate coat products, has been using the traditional method of pouring and dripping chocolate to build up the layers of chocolate. This is a very labour intensive method and requires the operator to be present during the process, constantly checking on the process.

Spraying Systems Co. was able to offer a free loan of their AccuCoat® Chocolate Pan Spray System to allow us to do a factory testing with the system. 

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Goodman Fielder

Goodman Fielder is one of Australia's leading food companies that specialize in producing various varieties of bread.

A critical application within the bakery industry is oiling the bread pans before the dough is deposited. This is to ensure that the loaves will release from the pans when they come out of the oven. The issues associated with the previous system used included overspray, excessive misting and poor coverage of the pans.

Spraying Systems Co. delivered and commissioned their AutoJet® Bread Pan Oiling System to several Goodman Fielder sites across Australia in late 2013. 

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Outback Sleepers

Outback Sleepers was established in 2000 and is based in two states; Adelaide and Victoria. We manufacture coloured and patterned concrete sleepers, wall panels, UFP’s and steps.

During the release agent application process, we realised we were not getting consistent and even coverage of the mould cavities before they were filled with concrete. This resulted in imperfections such as small holes and marks in our products. Another issue we encountered was that of misting which posed health and safety risks to workers in the area.     

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Papa Joe's

Papa Joe’s have been in the baking business for over 20 years and offer cafes across Sydney a number of high quality bread and muffin options.

When Papa Joe’s wanted to decrease their production time to help free up time in other areas they contacted the team at Spraying Systems Co®. Australia for help. By using the revolutionary AutoJet® Cake Tin Oiling System, Papa Joe’s was able to see immediate results which included more consistent product coverage and less damage to the finished offerings.

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