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Melbourne Spray Technology Centre- Capabilities

Spray Technology Workshops & Seminars

To help you learn more about spray technology and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your spray systems, we offer a variety of educational Spray Technolgy Workshops & Seminars. Content ranges from introductory to advanced levels. Some seminars are focused on certain applications or industries while others are more general. Most seminars are complimentary but a fee is charged for multi-day sessions and/or those with specialized, custom content. We also are able to demonstrate products from our Fluid Air, Klarion and Pathosans to give our customers the best range of solutions for a variety of application within their business's. Seminars include but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to Nozzle Technology 
  • Understanding Spray Patterns
  • Understanding the Importance of Droplet Size
  • Understanding Pressure and Flow of Nozzles
  • Precision Control Spraying 
  • How to Reduce Spray Medium Consumption
  • Blowers & Compressed Air Useage 
  • Improving Washing of Tanks & Vessels
  • Application of Nozzles
  • Understanding Nozzle Wear
  • Common Nozzle Issues
  • Understanding Nozzle Maintenance
  • Reduing Water Use 
  • Drying Applications

  • Maintenance Planning and Cost Analysis

    With our nozzle testing capabilities, we can assist with maintenance planning, so nozzles can be replaced in a timely manner. This allows spray systems to operate within peak efficiency, maximising production output, without wastage. We will be conducting webinars from our facility which we can utilize to help customers understanding of our technology and provide demonstrations allowing for live feedback. 

    As our facility will have nozzle testing equipment, so we can determine how worn your nozzle is. We can also determine how much of your production is inefficient and what is the cost due to excessive use of spray medium. With this information we can provide a report outlining cost savings to our clients. 

    Demonstrations and Design   

    The Melbourne office is also setup to provide product demonstrations, to give our clients a clear understanding how specific nozzles and products perform. This includes:

  • Air Atomisers
  • Coating
  • De-panning 
  • Glazing 
  • Patternator
  • Nozzle Calibrator 
  • Fogging Sprays
  • Hydraulic Sprays
  • PulsaJet Precision Spraying
  • Blower Drying
  • Compressed Air Nozzles – Blow off and Drying
  • Tank & Vessel Cleaning 
  • PolarDry by Fluid Air research and development plant
  • Klarion Demonstrations
  • Pathosans Demonstrations