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Take Advantage of Local Spray Experts and Technology Centers in Your Area


Have a challenging coating, cooling, lubricating or cleaning application? Need an on-site evaluation of your spray operations and recommendations on how to improve efficiency? Interested in new spray technology that can help you reduce water and energy use? Just contact your local sales engineer. There's one nearby and willing to assist. 

In some cases, it can be challenging to demonstrate certain spray technologies or conduct testing in a customer's facility without disrupting production. To overcome that obstacle and ensure customers can properly evaluate our equipment, we've established regional Spray Technology Centres across Australia. These facilities are home to spray laboratories designed for product demonstrations and proof-of-concept testing.  



The Spray Technology Centre located in Truganina, Victoria is the largest in Australia and provides local customers a variety of demonstrations and product capability assessments. A dedicated wet lab has the capacity to show multiple system demonstrations concurrently, allowing for multiple applications to be shown off at any given time. In addition to this we have capabilities to research and test custom solutions with a team of AutoJet engineers, meaning we can design and trial systems in house.

Other features include the amazing PolarDry system and a purpose made laboratory that allows us to test its electrostatic, low temperature drying for a variety of applications. Klarion and Pathosans, our cleaning and santising solutions are also on site and are able to produce samples, which demonstrates its effective cleaning capabilities, that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable. 



Our recently opened Perth facility is located in Forrestdale and presents new opportunities not available to our Western Australian customers until now. This regional Spray Technology Centre stocks a large range of nozzles and systems that can be demonstrated, in order to answer a variety of questions, as well as show off the capabilities our products have.

In addition to showing off our systems and products we also have cutting edge, 3D printing technology at this facility. This allows for printing of designs to show to our customers before manufacturing the product. 3D printing enables better solutions, reducing time trying to find solutions for customers specific problems and concerns.



Spraying Systems facility in Sumner, Queensland represents our Brisbane regional Spray Technology offering. Fully fitted out office space is paired with a warehousing area, in order to stock a variety of products and space to run systems. In addition to our inventory we also have nozzle calibration, patternator and more to best serve Brisbane’s industries with the best possible solutions, that are both time and cost effective.

In addition to providing advice on new products we can also test your existing products in order to identify and areas of your business that may be inefficient. This is done in conjunction with a cost analysis in order to find out how new products from Spraying Systems, could benefit the current production of a company. 



Contact your local sales engineer to tap into the services and programs available at the Spray Technology Centre in your area. Spray Technology Centre services and programs are another exclusive benefit available to Spraying Systems Co. customers.