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Nozzle Maintenance Guidelines


  • Check the flow rate. Monitor flow meter readings to detect increases, or measure the spray from the nozzle for a given period of time at a specific pressure. Then compare these readings to the flow rates listed in the manufacturer's catalog or compare them to flow rate readings from new, unused nozzles
  • Visually check the spray pattern. Wear will cause spray patterns to become streaky. Look for the heavier areas which may be visible in the center and the edges of the pattern. If necessary, measure the spray angle with a protractor to see if wear may be occurring
  • Check the spray coverage. Nozzle wear and nozzle alignment can cause issues for uniform spray coverage – check both when coverage begins to be an issue
  • Check the spray pressure and volume. Nozzle wear can be reflected in the spray pressure and the spray volume. With centrifugal pumps, monitor for increases in liquid volume sprayed. With positive displacement pumps, monitor for pressure decreases
  • Watch for larger drop sizes. Drop size increases cannot be visually detected in most applications. Examine the application results for changes. Also, note that increases in flow rate or decreases in spraying pressure will impact drop size