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Tower Hotspot Contact Cooling 

Spraying Systems Co. is both familiar with and has helped to pioneer a variety of unique applications required by heavy industry processing plants across a range of commodity industries. Our custom lance fabrication capabilities mean we can deliver unique solutions to ensure your process is running at optimal efficiency, complies with relevant Australian and site standards, and is uninterrupted throughout its continuous running cycle. One such example is for continuous refractory cooling in stack towers. 


Most lance applications require injection of water or a chemical to the process or flue stream to promote a chemical reaction and/or evaporate cooling effect. An alternative limitation in process columns can be the management of hotspots in the refractory that can influence stack emissions or otherwise generate structural concerns. Avoiding tower hotspots and their consequences can often mean limiting the capacity of your process, costing potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue every day.

Spraying Systems Co. has the capability to work with your site engineers to design custom nozzles and lances that are perfectly suited to your process, which reliably deliver recirculated cooling fluid to the target areas. This can be done under even the most challenging conditions including for pressure vessels with only a marginal pressure drop available, larger tower radii, and retractable/continuous operating requirements.


  • Effective conductive cooling of tower walls can allow for increased production by managing resultant structural limitations or stack emission breaches.
  • Custom-built nozzles and lances provide coverage-optimised solutions reducing the number of lances that might otherwise be required.
  • Retractable lances with adjustable packing provide leak-proof continuous operation.
  • Can offer interim solutions while towers are undergoing refurbishment.

Correct lance and nozzle design is critical to getting the most out of your process. Spraying Systems Co. has the experience and expertise to guide you through your unique injector applications. Contact us to see how we can improve your process today.