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Protect Solar Panels Efficiency with a Titanium Dioxide Spraying System


Getting the most out of solar panels can not only help to reduce your monthly bills, but also the environmental impact your company makes due to electricity usage. To ensure you optimize the light absorption and sensitivity of your solar cells trust the AutoJet® Titanium Dioxide Spraying System to produce the best possible results for your solar set up. Our system ensures that you can achieve the small drop size and consistent flow rates required to achieve optimal solar cell coating.

Small and easy to maintain this system features a PulsaJet® Spray Gun which is controlled by a PWM 2008 driver. This is backed up by a small stainless-steel pressure tank that acts as the fluid delivery system.

Previous solutions included air atomization which is outdated and didn’t provide the same level of precision and accuracy that the AutoJet® Titanium Dioxide Spraying System provides. Trust in the newest innovations and in Titanium Dioxide spraying with our revolutionary systems. 


  • Dramatically reduces application rates using Pulse Width Modification (PWM) so flows can be accurately controlled down to the smallest possible flow rates. This flow control is not possible with standard air atomizing nozzles or spray guns
  • Improves quality of the coating process by managing drop size with accurate atomizing air control
  • Accurate small application rates can be consistently applied to solar cell surfaces in commercial production. This is not possible with other methods of applying thin coatings
  • System is compact and easily designed to be mobile for scientific research