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AutoJet® Fogging System – Paint Manufacturing Industry 


The AutoJet® Fogging System is commonly used to assist the tank cleaning process in the paint manufacturing industry. 

Cleaning dry paint off the internal surfaces of waterborne emulsion paint tanks can be a challenging task. The AutoJet® Fogging System uses automatic air atomising fogging nozzles to create a high density, fine fog which prevents the surface paint from drying in the tank. Damp paint is easier to remove and the fog allows for a more effective and thorough clean during Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) operations.

The AutoJet® Fogging System is a turnkey solution. The fogging nozzles are controlled by a PLC linked to a valve regulation package. Flexible timing control and precise on/off functionality ensures accuracy and no dripping from the automatic nozzles. The valve regulation package is used to control the fog quality and density. 

In some applications, Biocides can be added to the water to prevent bacterial growth and contamination.  


  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Reduced water usage for cleaning
  • Low maintenance
  • Automatic nozzles feature a clean-out needle to prevent blockages
  • Energy efficient and user friendly operation

The AutoJet® Fogging System has been proven to effectively assist in cleaning small, medium and very large paint tanks. 

For a free on-site evaluation of your paint tank cleaning operations, please contact your local spray solutions specialist.