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Filtration in Mines 


Airborne dust is one of the main issues reported in mine sites across Australia. Spray nozzles use water to suppress and control dust from mine to port operations but without proper filtration, the nozzles can breakdown.

The water used is pumped from underground water tables or recycled process water which is delivered via metal pipes. The water is high in calcium, dirt contaminates and pieces of corrosion from internal piping which can partially or completely block the spray nozzles, making them ineffective and causing several issues during mining operations.

Filtration packages from Spraying Systems Co. are designed to prevent internal nozzle blockages through the use of selected strainers. Strainers are available in different capacities with varying inlet and outlet sizes to allow water to flow through them at the same rate as it passes through the pipe. There are two types of strainers available; Y-style and T-style. Both work as efficient each other in filtering contaminates in the water. Depending on the requirements of your site, our engineers will let you know which type of strainer is most suited to your operations and are able to customise a filtration package to suit the needs of your mine site.  


      • Prevents debris from entering the nozzle orifice or vane
      • T-style strainers are able to trap large debris
      • Protect other items in the liquid line, such as pumps 

For a free on-site evaluation to find out how your site can benefit from a filtration package, please contact your local expert.