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Conveyor Cleaning Solutions


Spray bars can be found in many areas around mining processing plants. Water quality degradation and internal pipe corrosion are common issues in these environments, resulting in blocked nozzles and less efficient dust control systems. Physical cleaning of blocked nozzles can be difficult, leading to a loss of production and costly downtime. To counter this problem, Spraying Systems have developed both Automatic and Manual Brush Shower Spray Bars that have an internal strainer and cleaning mechanism designed to protect the nozzle from blocking.

To free a blocked nozzle, manual or automatic brushes can be rotated to clean nozzle orifices. Simultaneously, a valve at the end of the spray bar will open and the contaminated water is flushed out. This procedure is performed during full operation, allowing the nozzles to spray at maximum efficiency without any production loss.

Spraying Systems Co can assist you with designing and engineering a more effective control system that automates nozzle operation and prevents water wastage. Activation can be controlled by conveyor sensors, monitors and system logic.  

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