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Meat Blow-Off System 


Moving marinated meat products from conveyor to conveyor can become a difficult task due to the sticky nature of the marinade. The conveyors contain cavities that are used to assist in transferring product between conveyors and different sections of a meat processing plant. The marinade causes meat pieces to become stuck to the conveyors and lodged into the corners of the cavities. The product is then carried back down to the beginning of the production line resulting in waste and product falling onto the floors.

Our Meat Blow-Off System utilises WindJet® air knives and WindJet air nozzles to completely clear conveyors and conveyor cavities of meat pieces for an effective clean. The WindJet air knives are attached at the top of each conveyor transfer point and the WindJet air nozzles are affixed to target the corners of the conveyor cavities. This set up ensures that the meat pieces will be blown off onto the following conveyor. This effectively cleans each conveyor, minimising product waste caused by meat pieces remaining stuck to the conveyors.  


  • Increased savings due to lower scrap rate
  • Increased water savings due to reduced water use
  • Improved cleanliness of conveyors
  • Decreased cleaning downtime 

To schedule an onsite audit of your blow-off or conveyor cleaning operations, click here to make an appointment. Your local spray solutions specialist will be in contact with you upon receiving your request.