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AutoJet® Lecithin Spray System


Spraying food additives can be difficult with oils such as Lecithin, due to its physical characteristics, flowability and surface tension. With the Lecithin Spray System by the team at Spraying Systems Co. this hard to apply oil can now be added efficiently into the production process.

This effective system which can be customized to fit your company’s specific needs, features an AutoJet® 250+ controller that helps to deliver the correct dosage of the product as well as optimal coverage. This makes sure your production can produce consistent results, no matter the amount of lecithin that is right for your product.

The 250+ controller offers the ability to have up to 20 different time settings or work with an external trigger.

This unit ensures that your production can generate even blending which prevents blocking over time. The system can also be enclosed in a stainless-steel case which helps to guarantee the highest levels of cleanliness. 


  • Consistent dosage of the product
  • Ideal coverage and correct particle size for the lecithin
  • Reliability of the amount of product used
  • No oil mist created (no harm for the operators around)