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Make Sure your Juice Filter is Clean and Running at its Best with Brush Headers

With separation and filtration having prominence in sugar mills, many companies neglect comprehensive cleaning of the juice filter. By making sure this vital equipment is clean not only does it ensure the highest product quality but also means your business is able to produce more product. Spraying Systems has the perfect juice filter cleaning solutions for your business and is committed to helping sugar mills with this important stage of the production process.

One of the ways Spraying Systems can help keep your juice filter cleaned is by using highly effective automatic or manual brush headers, depending on your businesses particular needs. When the juice is pumped from the mills into the juice filter some solids don’t make it to the discharge vent and become stuck. This can contaminate future batches if it is not cleaned off, and can also impact efficiency, with less product being made as a result. This can be avoided by utilizing Spraying Systems technology which provide regular, and comprehensive cleaning.

Brush headers only takes a few seconds to start cleaning away the debris, restoring full liquid flow to the system without it contaminating the sprayed surface. 


  • Reduction in water consumption
  • Improves sugar quality by removing all bagasse
  • Suitable for different filter widths
  • Very low maintenance cost because of the simple design and operation
  • Flexible installation, can be mounted in different positions
  • Adjustable flow rate and spray pattern
  • Labour costs reduced