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Fruit Washing and Moisturising 


Making sure that fruit and vegetables are clean when on the conveyor belt and before packing is essential to ensure the safety of the end consumer. While this process may have been time and resource intensive, Spraying Systems can help to simplify your production while increasing effectiveness to produce the best possible results.

Some solutions in the past have been expensive due to compressed air, which while effective can end up being costly in the production process. Other ways of washing and moisturising have not been as effective, which can leave pesticides and bacteria on the product which could be disastrous for the consumer.

With Spraying Systems large range of products and solutions, we can design a fruit and vegetable moisturising system perfect for your specific needs. We utilize FullJets, UniJets and more in order to design the perfect custom-made solution for your business.  


  • Eliminating expensive compressed air
  • No atomisation required
  • Effective solution
  • Safely wash and moisturise fruit and vegetables