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Wide Range of SiC and Other Nozzles to Control SO2 Emissions 


Wet scrubbers are the most widely used FGD technology for SO2 control throughout the world and can achieve up to 99% removal efficiencies with Spraying Systems Co. nozzles. To select the most appropriate nozzle for the installation, careful consideration must be given to factors such as corrosion and erosion resistance, fly-ash percentage, particle size, target slurry velocities and required droplet sizing.

The requirements for nozzles used in FGD are extensive and include precise performance, trouble-free operation and long service life. But, that's where the commonality ends and why Spraying Systems Co. has invested in such a broad product line. Many customer requests can be satisfied by our standard range but when that is not possible, we can quickly modify an existing product to meet your exact requirements 


  • Nozzle types: WhirlJet®, FullJet® and SpiralJet® nozzles are among the most commonly used types in the industry
  • Material options: Nitride-bonded silicon carbides (SiC), and the high-performing HASTELLOY® and Stellite® are among the most commonly used materials for FGD nozzle construction. We have invested in many manufacturing locations for SiC nozzles and can provide excellent lead times at competitive pricing
  • Compatibility with all sorbents: While the preferred sorbent is limestone or wet lime, we can provide nozzles and systems to suit seawater, ammonia, caustic soda, sodium carbonate, potassium and magnesium hydroxides
  • AutoJet® FGD Control System: This system controls all components – nozzles, pumps, sensors and other hydraulic/pneumatic equipment – and makes automatic adjustments when operating conditions change