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Fluid Air is a division of Spraying Systems Co. specializing in solid dosage processing equipment for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, cosmetics, and fine chemical industries. Fluid bed dryers/granulators, Wurster coaters, high-shear granulators, and size reduction systems are all available from R&D to production scale. Fluid Air's patented process control software for batch-type equipment is designed to provide superior performance and batch uniformity for solid dosage processing applications while maintaining important process parameters from one size system to the next. Configurable with a wide variety of optional features, each system is completely customizable to fit your exact specifications and process requirements, ensuring the perfect fit.

The patent-pending PolarDry® Electrostatic Spray Dryer utilizes revolutionary electrostatic technology which drives water to the shell and active to the core, lowering the evaporation temperature and eliminating active ingredient loss, degradation, or denaturalization. Harnessing the electrostatic effect, the dispersed active driven into the core is microencapsulated, virtually eliminating surface active, resulting in stunning encapsulation efficiency.     


  • Low Operating Temperature
  • All-In-One Design
  • Dust Free
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Disposable Liner
  • Unique Nozzle Design


Granulating While Drying

    By controlling the electrostatic charge applied to the feed on an intermittent basis, PolarDry® Technology gives you the means to agglomerate particulates as they are being dried. This patent pending feature, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) precludes the need for expensive secondary agglomeration operations. 
    By controlling the voltage applied to the spray droplet as it is being atomized, some particles form an outer shell readily while others develop their shell gradually resulting in a wet or tacky particle. As these two types of particles colloid, they bond forming an agglomerated particle. This results in a finished product with larger particles and fewer fines which flow freely  



Configurable in a Batch or Continuous Process

    As the FDA and other worldwide regulatory agencies are pushing continuous process in the production of pharmaceuticals, the PolarDry® process stands ready to meet the requirements. PolarDry® machines incorporate a unique patent pending collection/particle separation plenum that can be easily configured for batch or continuous processing by configuring the outlet as shown above. 



Flexible Solution

    Quick Set Up from one run to the next by integrating in the design a disposable inner chamber liner that can be changed in a matter of minutes. Patent pending cartridge filter configuration that allows easy turnaround from one run to the next. The reverse pulsing feature ensures that drying gas flow remains steady.Portability so machines can be easily transferred from one suite to another: Model 001 and Model 004 are on wheels and fully contained, only requiring electricity, a Nitrogen intake, and an outside chiller (Model 004 only) to operate.

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