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Confectionery Release Agent Spraying System to Prevent Sticking and Breakage


Making sure that confectionery can be removed from trays after being processed is an important step in creating candy. Ensuring they don’t stick can be difficult, that’s why the AutoJet Release Agent Spray System is an important innovation to help ensure that production isn’t slowed down, and there isn’t preventable wastage due to breakage. 

Our release agent spraying solution features revolutionary technology which is as effective as it is simple. An AutoJet 1550+ system is paired with a pressure pot and air atomizing electric spray guns, in order to develop effective spray coverage on the trays used to create the confectionery. 

Utilizing traditional, manual spraying systems, the process to spray release agent is labour intensive and subject to human error. This can cause overspray, inconsistent coverage and more. By automating the process with the AutoJet Release Agent Spray System your business can expect consistent, high quality results while saving both money and time in manhours. 


  • Automatic spraying with manual regulation
  • Non-labour intensive process – savings in labour cost
  • Eliminates the use of release oil spray cans
  • Consistent coating of tray surface
  • Low level of misting and the ability to adjust the application rates if needed