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Cleated Belt Solutions


Cleated belts are useful in a variety of industries such as food processing, helping to mix ingredients together such as cereal among other things. Making sure these are clean is imperative, so they can continue to operate with minimal interruption.

Spraying Systems Co. has Clean-In-Place (CIP) solutions perfect to ensure comprehensive cleaning of cleated belts. Our systems help to flush residue off your cleated belts and provide quick connect coupling at the end of spray headers for connecting low pressure water, no matter if hot or cold.

Traditional cleaning solutions promote excess water use, with manual operation being inefficient, time consuming and often less thorough. With Spraying Systems CIP solutions though your cleated belts can be cleaned to a high, consistent standard, meaning less down time and more production. 


  • Non-manual washing
  • Savings in operator time and cost
  • Quality of the cleaning is improved and is kept constant
  • Controlled use of water
  • To find out more about cleated belts and the best ways to clean them contact our talented sales engineers who can help design a system perfect for your company’s unique needs.