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Beverage Can Washing 


During the beverage can washing stage, many applications fail to clean the cans thoroughly which can leave minute debris, oil films and oxides on the surface of the aluminium.

The Beverage Can Washing System from Spraying Systems Co. is designed to completely clean newly formed 2-piece cans as they move down the production line, without leaving any residue.

As the guide belt carries stacked cans at a very slow pace through the washer unit, the cans pass under a set of Can Wash Risers which utilise spray technology that has been designed specifically to suit beverage can dimensions. The Can Wash Risers are constructed from 316 stainless steel and are passivated prior to assembly.

Attached to the Can Wash Risers are ProMax® QuickJet® spray nozzles. The chemical resistant nozzles are constructed from chemically coupled, glass-reinforced engineering grade of polypropylene material. The nozzles are spaced to ensure complete coverage without knocking the cans over.  


  • Cans are completely clean and sanitised
  • Improved efficiency at every stage of the washer
  • Reduced waste from knocked over cans
  • Longer lasting spray nozzles for reduced maintenance time and costs

For a free on-site demonstrationor trial of our beverage can washing products, please contact your local spray solutions specialist.