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Anti-Scuff Coating on Glass Bottles 


During transit, glass bottles often knock against each other causing damage to the surface of the bottles and tearing of the labels. The Anti-Scuff Coating System is designed to coat glass bottles with an anti-scuff chemical to ensure the bottles remain scratch and mark free upon delivery to end users.

After the washing and drying stages, the system uses hydraulic PulsaJet® spray nozzles powered by an AutoJet® 2250 spray controller to coat the body of the bottles with an anti-scuff chemical. The PLC used by the system is able to accurately monitor the timing of the sprays and the amount of chemical used.  


  • Bottles and labels remain intact upon delivery
  • Reduced waste of costly chemicals
  • One system can be used to operate multiple bottle lines
  • Easy to install and maintain

Through the use of the Anti-Scuff Coating System, bottles can be packed and transported safely.

For more information about this system, please contact your local spray solutions specialist.