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AutoJet® Glaze Spray System 


Glazing baked goods enhances the colour, shine and overall appearance after baking. The AutoJet® Glaze Spray System is designed for bakeries that require automatic glazing of bread, rolls, pastries and more. 


      • Improved quality
      • Reduced glaze use
      • Even spray distribution      
      • Reduced clean-up time 

Using Precision Spray Control (PSC) the system is able to apply an even and precise amount of glaze, even when line speed changes. Hydraulic PulsaJet® nozzles are used, which can be arranged in sanitary manifolds for a variety of conveyor widths.

Operators do not need to stop production as the system’s holding tank may be refilled on the go. The recirculation line and eductor generates in-tank agitation, minimises clogging while maximising liquid circulation. The system’s liquid regulator ensures consistent pressure at the PulsaJet® nozzles, meaning the spray pattern won’t fluctuate or cause overspray.

Click here to see the PulsaJet® spray nozzles at work.