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AutoJet® Bread Scoring System


The AutoJet® Bread Scoring System has been designed for bakeries that require automatic scoring of bread loaves, rolls and buns.

The system consists of an AutoJet® Model 2008+ Control Panel and PulsaJet® automatic spray nozzles. The PulsaJet® nozzles can be arranged in sanitary manifolds for a variety of conveyor widths 


  • Lower scrap rate
  • Maintenance time is reduced
  • Consistent shape and appearance of bread

A common issue many bakeries have with standard mechanical splitter systems is that dough will more often than not, stick to the cutting blades. This can become problematic as maintenance can become a frequent occurrence in the bakery. PulsaJet® automatic spray nozzles eliminate the possibility of dough sticking to the cutting blades as there is no direct contact to the dough.

The nozzles score the bread using Precision Spray Control (PSC) as the bread passes underneath the spray manifold. Clean, needle-like score marks are produced, even when conveyor line speed changes. Customised manifolds are available for bakeries that require different bread scoring patterns.

Click here to see the nozzles at work.