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AutoJet® Post-Oven Glaze Spray System 


The AutoJet® Post-Oven Glaze Spray System by Spraying Systems Co. is for those who need to apply glaze after their product has been in the oven and want to minimize glaze wastage and cleaning.

The system applies glaze regardless of where the product is positioned on the conveyor belt, after the product has been de-panned. No matter the glaze situation, this system can cater for bread and buns consistently, while reducing wastage.

This unit utilizes sensors in combination with PulsaJet® Spray Guns to ensure that the guns are only spraying when products are in the correct position. The size of the product and its dimensions can also be considered and adjusted, so no matter what is on the conveyor, this system can adapt and cater for it.   


  • Product does not need to be in trays to be sprayed, eliminating the need for additional costly tray cleaning.
  • Minimise glaze wastage to reduce production costs.
  • Minimise overspray to reduce cleaning costs and contamination.
  • Reduced opportunity for inadequate glaze spray coverage on product.
  • Accurate control of glaze to improve product appearance and quality control.
  • No complex programming or recipe selection for different products.
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