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Commerical Hand Washing


Hand washing no matter what industry you work in is important to maintaining hygiene, both from the standpoint of an individual but also a business. With ShowerBlast hand washing solutions your business can benefit from quality design as well as exceptional results.

The ShowerBlast by Spraying Systems Co. was designed to offer a low capacity spray pattern solution that is efficient and effective at hand rinsing. It is made from complete 316 stainless steel, precision engineered and completed in a polished finish. This allows the nozzle to perform well with warm hand washing applications without losing temperature or using excess water.

Traditional hand washing stations in industrial locations did not provide the right amount of water in order to wash or rinse hands, with excessive water being both wasteful from a monetary stand point as well as being bad for the environment. Where the ShowerBlast differs from these solutions is it is specifically designed for commercial use as opposed to residential and made from materials that can last. 


  • Hygienic design
  • Water saving
  • Efficient and effective spray pattern
  • Reduced temperature loss
  • Excellent pattern integrity and spray coverage