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Employment Opportunities at Spraying Systems Co.

Spraying Systems Co. products are used around the world each and every day to minimize air pollution, conserve water, reduce energy use, ensure food safety and much, much more. Our spray technology is used by chemical manufacturers, steel and paper mills, food and beverage processers, pharmaceutical companies, power plants and dozens more in the production of their products and services that enhance the quality of your life. You will find some examples below.

We're always interested in creative, energetic and motivated people to join our team. Positions in our sales, marketing, engineering, manufacturing, customer service, application support, information services and accounting groups may be available at our locations in the US and Canada as well as our facilities in other countries.

Send us your resume or a summary of your qualifications and an indication of the region of the world where you'd like to work. Our teams collaborate globally. Sometimes this is accomplished via travel; sometimes via phone or videoconference. We work in small, self-managing teams that are transparent to all our entities worldwide. Spraying Systems Co. is privately held. We don't manage our business to maximize a stock price. We manage our business by acting in the best interests of our customers and our employees. It's a proven operating philosophy that has served us well for more than seven decades.

Please send your resume and a brief message explaining why you'd be a great addition to our company:


Our products are used to:

  • Process your morning orange juice
  • Insert the jelly-filling into the donuts you eat
  • Clean and sanitize the equipment that makes your food
  • Remove pollutants from the air you breathe
  • Apply anti-wrinkle coatings to your shirts
  • Manufacture the flooring in your home
  • Apply seals and protective coatings to your tiles and countertops
  • Make the paper you write on

  • Tint the windows the office buildings you visit
  • Stripe the roads you drive on
  • Wash your car at the car wash
  • Produce the gas you put in your vehicle
  • Apply coatings to your computer monitors and TVs
  • Wash and dry the bottles and cans that hold your favorite beverages
  • Apply antimicrobials to protect your food from pathogens