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What is Clean In Place? (CIP)

15/02/19  Across numerous industries the term CIP is used in order to describe one of the most effective cleaning processes for jobs that require regular cleaning. Clean in Place has been around since the 1950s and is used in situations where manual cleaning and disassembly could cost the business considerable time and money. Find out more about CIP cleaning, how it can help your business and what are the best options for your equipment no matter its size or your production.

Basics of CIP

Clean In Place (CIP) refers to a controlled method of cleaning with a combination of chemicals, heat and water without the need to dismantle or remove the vessel for cleaning. This includes cleaning interior surfaces including pipes, filters and fittings. With the latest innovative tank cleaning technology, an ideal CIP method has the characteristics that will allow for a customised automated system to deliver safe, thorough and consistent results.

CIP can be used for:

  • Cleaning Solutions
  • Rinising Solutions
  • Sanitising Solutions

CIP Products & Solutions Include:

  • Tank Cleaning Nozzles and Washers
  • Low impact Tank Cleaners
  • Spray Balls for rinsing
  • Tank Cleaning Lances
  • Retractable Tank Washing Systems 
  • Mobile CIP Carts
  • Customised Tank CIP Skids

Why implement CIP?

Before the innovation of CIP systems as a technology, the old manual disassembly of closed systems or manned cleaning inside of tanks were significantly time consuming. Since CIP has evolved to become the preferred method of tank cleaning it has allowed for thorough cleaning of equipment in a shorter amount of time with less manual labour needed, and the added benefit of being cost effective and safe for workers. Automation of Tank Cleaning is critical for facilities to speed up their cleaning of tanks and increase their production time.

If it is possible to clean a tank without having to take out different components it means less time is required to meet the optimal standard as expected. Industries which utilise CIP systems are those that often require a high level of hygiene including dairy, beverages, food, pharmaceuticals among others. Since invention of original CIP systems there has been numerous innovations to help approve the devices efficiency and usefulness including adding sensors, lances & injectors, heat exchangers, programmable logic controllers among other features. This automation frees up resources and reduces downtime – workers are free to contribute to or participate in other aspects of the operation while production time can be increased as tanks are cleaned quicker. This allows companies to potentially increase the number of batches they can produce per day or week and ultimatley increase their bottomline. 

Industries That Utilise CIP

Each industry that needs to clean tanks has different cleaning requirements, with some manufacturers focused on sterilisation and others focused on contamination prevention. Two things are certain though - tanks need to be cleaned efficiently & that every CIP application is different! 

Food & Beverage- CIP in food, dairy and beverage applications has increased significantly in recent years, and with a huge focus on hygiene and contamination prevention, the need for cleaning tanks efficiently has never been more important. Sanitary product designs and products that need to remain in place at all times, such as the TankJet 78, are ideal for Food and Beverage tank cleaning applications.


Milk and Dairy products- CIP for tanks in dairies is very specific and requires high levels of testing and regulation.
Temperatures need to be correct to prevent product spoilage, cycle times are critical and chemical concentrations must be specific to ensure no contamination to the product from harmful microogranisims and or from the chemicals themselves.  




Breweries & Wineries- With many different products being produced, modern breweries and wineries need high capacity and high impact spray nozzles to get their tanks properly cleaned via CIP. 

Many of these productions require specialised chemicals to prevent issues with products that sit in tanks for long periods of time and cause build up on tank walls.

Micro breweries and small operations will benefit from the biggest selection of rinsing spray balls and nozzles available.




Pharmaceutical- CIP in the pharmaceutical industry is critical to ensuring the purification of tanks and to remove trace ingredients that will prevent tansfer of ingredients from one product to the next. 
Tank cleaning solutions focus on cleaning and removing heavy solids such as active pharmaceutical ingredients,
haze, tablet coatings and powders from tanks.

You can learn more about the different industries our tank cleaning products service here



Talk With A Tank Cleaning Expert About Your CIP or Tank Cleaning Needs

With CIP & industrial tank cleaning solutions it is important to have the right system and products in place in order to clean the equipment and tanks effectively. There are many factors that can influence the effectiveness of a CIP program and it is important to acknowledge the different forms of tank cleaning solutions available as well as your company’s individual situation and desired outcomes. Some of the products that can be optimised to improve effectiveness when cleaning tanks are spray balls, tank cleaning nozzles, turbine driven tank cleaning machines, injectors and lances among others. But finding the right tank cleaning partner who can help improve your tank cleaning proccesses is key. That's where we come in.

Spraying Systems Co. have been helping companies for over 80 years with their spraying needs and have a large selection of CIP solutions for any situation. We are able to carry out a full onsite audit in order to find the equipment and the system perfect for your business. To find out more about our CIP and tank cleaning offerings click here or to speak with a Tank Cleaning Expert