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Safety and Cleaning in the Workplace

23/05/19 Employee satisfaction and safety are the cornerstone of any business’s practices and HR departments. Making sure the needs of your workers are met while ensuring they don’t come to any physical harm should be at the forefront of every business decision. One of the many ways that employees can be put at risk is through the materials they handle and the cleaning equipment they may use as part of their role. Traditional chemicals can be dangerous and potentially toxic, which puts your employees at greater risk of being injured in the workplace, and also creates an undesirable workplace where fear may take hold. Find out how traditional chemicals may be negatively impacting your business and how the Klarion system may be able to revolutionize your business practices as a practical, non-toxic alternative.

Cleaning is an important part of any business. If your worksite isn’t clean, no matter the industry it can cause serious problems. From contaminated batches to lack of efficiency, to blockages and maintenance. That’s why making sure your workplace and machinery is hygienic is the best way to ensure your business is not affected. This should be done in a timely manner with product that is effective.

What traditionally has been used is harsh chemicals that can be harmful or toxic to your employees. This can have long-term ramifications for your business. Not only are your employees more prone to becoming sick or falling ill due to the fumes/ interactions with these toxic chemicals, you also risk morale being lowered as workers dread interacting with these cleaning products. Eliminating these chemicals completely is not the answer, but finding a valid, workable solution is the best way around this problem, which is where the Klarion System by the team at Spraying Systems Co. can help.

Ditch the workwear and the protective safety gear, because with the Klarion System they are no longer needed. Featuring a cleaner and sanitizer solution that is non-irritating to the skin, eyes and without fragrance the Klarion system is the safer alternative to traditional chemicals. Using only salt, water and electricity, the solution produced is completely safe to be handled and used and negates the issues that traditional toxic offerings possess. Not only can you save your company money on protective uniforms and increase company morale, it also saves on solution excess as the cleaner and sanitizer is made on demand, so you only pay for what you use.

Make the right choice for your business and your employees and choose the safer, effective alternative with Klarion.