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What is CIP? (Clean in Place)

15/02/19  Across numerous industries the term CIP is used in order to describe one of the most effective cleaning processes for those that require regular cleaning. Clean in Place has been around since the 1950s and is used in situations where manual cleaning and disassembly could cost the business considerable time and money. Clean in Place allows cleaning of interior surfaces and commonly is used to clean pipes, filters, fittings and more. Find out more about CIP cleaning, how it can help your business and what are the best options for your equipment no matter its size or your production line... Read More


Working Towards a Sustainable Industry Future

06/02/19  The importance of sustainability is becoming increasingly apparent as natural resources become more limited. Not only is it important to make environmental sustainability a reality but also economic sustainability. By introducing measures to help combat these issues not only can your business stand to save money, it also helps to protect the environment. The trend towards more ethical businesses is on the rise, with many companies looking at the best ways to keep up. Find out how your business can solve these long-standing problems and the practical steps your business can take to help achieve this... Read More


Our Newest Member of the Fluid Air Division

14/11/18  Spraying Systems Co. Australia is proud to introduce Bogdan Zisu who will be our Senior Process Engineer in the Fluid Air division. Bogdan joins the team with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, with a focus on the dairy industry and emerging technologies. Studying a Bachelor of Food Science and Technology, Bogdan completed his degree with honours before eventually obtaining a PhD in Dairy Science. Bogdan begun his career at the Dairy Ingredients Group of Australia before moving onto Dairy Innovation Australia... Read More


Why Humidification Plays a Major Role in Hatcheries

03/11/2018  Hatcheries play a vital role in modern day egg and poultry production. Be it large scale, multimillion-dollar industrial settings or organizations that are more boutique, making sure that chickens are in the best possible health when born and while in their early development is important. A large part of determining the health of a chick is the temperature it develops in, that’s why having the right humidification system is important. Find out more about how hatcheries operate and how a humidification system which is tailored to your businesses specific needs could transform not only the quality of the chicks born, but also the cost effectiveness of the process... Read More