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AutoJet® Moistening Spray System 


During pressing operations, hay can become dry and brittle if it hasn’t been adequately moistened beforehand. This can lead to hay breakage as well as dust and debris during transportation.

The AutoJet® Moistening Spray System is used to apply water to the hay to keep it moistened enough to ensure a quality product without over-wetting.

The system consists of an AutoJet 2008+ spray controller and two PulsaJet® spray nozzles. The system utilises Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) in order to accurately adjust and control the flow rate. The PulsaJet spray nozzles apply a small amount of water to the tops and undersides of the hay as it is transferred from the conveyor. The system’s liquid regulator allows the operator to monitor the pressure being supplied to the spray nozzles and easily adjust, if needed.  


  • Improved appearance of the hay
  • Minimise the amount of dust and debris produced during transportation
  • Little to no overspray
  • Low maintenance time

For more information about the AutoJet Moistening Spray System, please click here to schedule a visit from your local spray solutions specialist.