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Uniform Lubrication Between Pin and Bushing Extends Chain Life


The Model 102000 AccuJet Electrostatic Spray System improves chain lubrication while greatly reducing oil consumption and conveyor downtime. The electrostatic nozzles apply chain lube to the key lubrication points on the chain with extremely high transfer efficiency, saving oil, reducing chain breaks and limiting the downtime often associated with chain-driven conveyors. The patent pending system's low-flow injector pumps can deliver lubricant to as many as four electrostatic spray nozzles simultaneously. Pumps can be individually adjusted to deliver the precise volume of lubrication required to each spray station and can be easily added to the system after initial installation. To order replacement parts go to


  • Completely uniform lubrication of critical area between the pin and bushings extends chain life
  • Eliminates oil mist and creates a safer work environment for operators
  • Reduces the potential for product contamination from process lubricant
  • High transfer efficiency reduces oil usage and operating costs
  • Minimizes cleanup caused by overspray
  • 100% pre-tested and pre-programmed for quick installation on site – no programming required
  • Doubles chain life

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