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Automatic Adjustment of Spray Performance as Operating Conditions Change


The AutoJet Model 2850+ panel makes automatic spray control adjustments based on what's happening in your process including monitoring and compensating for external conditions such as changing line speed. Systems are available as panel-mount units, mobile spray carts or fully enclosed spray desks.


  • Fine-tune timing of automatic spray nozzles to accurately spray moving targets
  • Maintain closed-loop control of spray variables
  • Maximize cycle speed of automatic spray nozzles
  • Establish automatic clean-out cycles to minimize nozzle plugging
  • Easily program system set point parameters
  • Precisely control liquid pressure, atomizing air pressure and fan air pressure to ensure proper flow rate, spray angle and drop size
  • Achieve Precision Spray Control (PSC) to vary the flow rate without changing spray performance when used with electrically-actuated PulsaJet® spray nozzles
  • Automatic detection of nozzle wear and blockage – even partial plugging
  • Operator notification or automatic shutdown on specified faults
  • Integrate control of your spray application with existing plant control systems