Hybrid Sulphur Gun: Hydraulic and Air Atomising in a Single Gun

New Gun Design Allows Quick and Easy Changeover of Nozzles


Many plants are finding the smaller drops produced by FloMax® air atomising nozzles improve combustion and eliminate carryover. Our new Hybrid Sulphur Guns provide an easy way to find out if you can benefit similarly with a minimal financial and time investment.


  • Install the guns in one furnace. If performance expectations aren't met with air atomising nozzles, convert back to hydraulic nozzles
  • Hybrid and traditional sulphur guns are available for all of our nozzles and can be manufactured in many different lengths and materials and in compliance with ASME® B31.3-2010 standards
  • Guns feature a special packing gland design to simplify maintenance and repair. Bellows design is also available

Nozzles for Sulphur Guns

  • BA WhirlJet® hydraulic nozzles have been the industry standard for decades. These offset hollow cone nozzles produce small drops and feature open flow passages to resist clogging. Flow rates up to 38 gpm (144 lpm)
  • Air atomising nozzles with SU89 spray set-ups produce smaller drops than hydraulic nozzles with flow rates up to 3.7 gpm (14 lpm)
  • Similar to standard air atomising nozzles, FloMax® nozzles produce small drops but can operate at higher flow rates. Plus, these nozzles feature high turndown ratios to ensure consistent performance over a wide operating range. Available in many sizes and materials, FloMax® nozzles can operate up to 30 gpm (114 lpm)

Key Applications

  • Molten sulphuric acid
  • Spent sulphuric acid

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