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AutoJet® Belt Cleaning System


Fine pieces of ore can often remain attached underneath conveyor belts instead of falling off. This is referred to as conveyor carry back which often results in a damaged belt and even belt fires.

Many mines currently have belt scraper systems in place, which are able to remove the larger pieces of ore but the smaller pieces remain trapped. Belt life is also reduced as the scrapers often dig into the belts.

Spraying Systems Co. has designed the AutoJet® Belt Cleaning System which ensures all ore fragments are completely removed from the conveyor belt. The system uses a High Pressure Low Volume (HPLV) water wash that is able to spray and scrape build-up without causing damage to the belt.


  • Reduced water consumption
  • Less risk of premature belt failure
  • Reduced belt temperature in hot weather

Maintaining the state of belt cleaning nozzles is a critical step in avoiding possible mishaps. Our engineers specialise in dust systems and are able to detect nozzles that are damaged and not working as they should be. Contact us for a free site audit.

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