Efficient, Effective Solution for Dust Prevention and Suppression

Dust Management in Mining


The key to dust management is identifying and understanding the most effective method of minimising the dust problem. Applying efficient dust suppression, prevention and control methods are the most effective solutions.

Mining operations around the world strive to improve production output, minimise waste and reduce downtime. Maintaining the quality of nozzles is critical for efficient dust management.

A common misconception among many mining sites has been the belief that as long as nozzles are capable of spraying, they are functioning properly – this is far from the truth. Dust can significantly impact the efficiency of your operations and affect the health of your employees.

Regular mine site inspections are an essential part of proper onsite maintenance. The engineers at Spraying Systems Co. have an improved understanding of nozzle technology and their applications which allows for a thorough and accurate inspection. After their visit, our engineers will be able to provide a comprehensive written report of their findings and recommendations that will be able to assist you in furthering the prevention of dust accumulation in your mining operations.

Key Applications

  • Dust Suppression: Humidity/moisture content in the material is increased to prevent dust from becoming airborne
  • Dust Control: Humidity/moisture is added to the air to capture dust particles that are already airborne

Effective and efficient systems use spray technology to apply water and/or chemicals such as wetting, foaming and binding agents on to dust particles. However, the system configuration varies depending on the goal – dust prevention and control or airborne dust suppression. Most operations require both prevention or control and suppression to effectively manage dust. It is important to understand the differences between prevention and suppression systems to ensure proper spray nozzle specification and operation.

Stock Piles Solutions
AutoJet® Spraying Control System controls water usage according to the current weather conditions

Conveyor Solutions
Automatic or Manual Brush Shower Spray Bars prevent the blockage of nozzles with their internal strainer and cleaning mechanism

ROM Bin Solutions
Dust solutions that provide better dust prevention and control for ROM Bins

Chute Dust Solutions
AutoJet® Spraying Control Systems provide the most efficient solution to internal chute cleaning

Rail Car Veneering
Effective and efficient turnkey systems help prevent dust blowing off loaded rail cars in transit

Belt Cleaning System
Our AutoJet® Belt Cleaning System ensures all ore fragments are completely removed from the conveyor belt.

Filtration in Mines
Filtration packages from Spraying Systems Co. are designed to prevent internal nozzle blockages through the use of selected strainers.

Wet Screening
Using the right spray products and ensuring spray nozzles are working properly are two critical points for effective ore cleaning during wet screening operations.

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