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Whether you need to keep dust from becoming airborne or suppress particles that are already airborne, applying water and/or chemicals to dust is usually the most efficient and cost-effective solution. It is important to work with a supplier that has special expertise in drop size and evaporation – and we're uniquely qualified to be that supplier. Not only will we assist with nozzle selection, we'll work with you to establish a maintenance and inspection program to ensure proper performance and minimise risk.

Typical Product Solutions

  • BD WhirlJet® nozzles: an industry standard, these nozzles produce small drops, have large orifices to reduce clogging and are usually used in areas where dust is widely dispersed
  • Fine spray nozzles: these nozzles produce very small drops without compressed air and are widely used for dust suppression. Versions with integral strainers are available for use with poor quality water
  • Flat spray VeeJet® nozzles: available with a tapered-edge, rectangular or even spray pattern, VeeJet nozzles are typically used in narrow or rectangular enclosed spaces
  • Full cone FullJet® nozzles: FullJet nozzles produce medium size drops and provide more impact than other nozzles. Removable caps and vanes allow easy inspection and cleaning
  • AutoJet® Dust Control Systems: pre-packaged, pre-assembled, pre-tested systems are ready to go upon delivery. Can control one or many nozzles and headers. Automated injection of chemical additives minimises waste and ensures consistency

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