Improve Chain Lubrication and Minimize Oil Use with AutoJet® Electrostatic Lubrication System

Uniform Lubrication Between Pin and Bushing Extends Chain Life

AutoJet Electrostatic Spray Lubrication System: Overview

The key to the effectiveness of this automated spray system is high-transfer efficiency – up to 95%. Low-flow injector pumps deliver electrostatic spray lubricant to up to four electrostatic nozzles simultaneously. The nozzles apply the electrostatic spray lubrication consistently and uniformly without misting and overspray.


  • Precision application of electrostatic spray lubrication extends chain life, reduces downtime due to chain breaks, eliminates waste and minimises maintenance
  • Eliminates oil mist, improves worker safety
  • Easy-to-use PLC panel provides precise control of the injector pump that delivers lubricant to the nozzle
  • Flexible – up to four injector pumps and spray nozzles can be used, each applying a different volume of electrostatic spray lubricant

Ideal for:

  • Oil coating
  • Conveyor chain lubrication
  • Packaging
  • Can manufacturing
  • Beverage manufacturing

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